FAQ • RubyConf Mini

RubyConf Mini

November 15 - 17 Providence, RI


How is RubyConf Mini related to RubyConf Houston?

While RubyConf Mini and RubyConf Houston are partner conferences, they will have completely separate schedules and speaker lineups. Talks from both conferences will be shared at RubyConf: Home Edition in January and posted on YouTube shortly after that.

How many attendees will there be at RubyConf Mini?

There will be about 200 attendees at RubyConf Mini.

How many talks will there be at RubyConf Mini?

We plan to have about thirty different sessions, including talks, keynotes, panels, and workshops. Talks and workshops will be spread over two rooms.

Who is organizing RubyConf Mini?

RubyConf Mini is organized by Jemma Issroff, Andy Croll, and Emily Samp.